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R&D in Universities and Different Institutional Settings in South China : Research for Policy

mardi 31 janvier 2006, par rigas

A research report of a project funded by IDRC.


The project aims at describing the linkages of scientists with non-scientific clients in different institutional contexts in the Guangdong Province based upon empirical information. The project makes the hypothesis that the interaction between knowledge centres and the productive sectors will take place in a large array of semi-private funding mechanisms and hybrid institutional arrangements. Some factors need to be examined with some care (incentives through official policy, economic incentives, participation to economic activities). The linkage of R&D to production is taking place within a newly built ensemble of institutions. The project wants to shed some light on this new economic and social reality and at the same time participate in the training and information gathering for policy-makers.

The empirical research was done in three industrial clusters and Zhongshan University. In all cases, the team focussed on the role of innovation centres, intermediate organizations (such as a local association of industrial firms), and of enterprises in the industrial cluster.

Conclusions are brought on different topics :
- the process of industralization and the role of the newly created innovation centers ;
- issues concerning the management of these innovation centers ;
- policy issues in the South of China.

Rapport complet sur le site du CRDI.

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