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Travaux sur le facteur d’impact

lundi 8 mars 2010

Michel Zitt de l’OST propose un facteur d’audience (plutôt que le facteur d’impact).

L’IF et ses déboires dans ce conteneur Jetpack.

.Garfield’s JIF, various field-normalized JIF and offshoots of G.Pinski&F.Narin influence weights (Eigen-factor,Scimago...). In the new family (M.Zitt&H.Small’s audience factor, also SNIF announced by H.Moed), citation behavior unequalities among domains are corrected at the citing source level, which solves/alleviates several issues of usual normalization. The principle can be extended, in a variety of ways, to other citation measures.

A new version of the journal "audience factor" (v0.2) avoiding the arbitrary thresholds of the first version, can be seen (year 2006) at :


with a short descriptive note and tables (an article with a full account of the method is in submission).

The results are purely experimental at this stage and some sources of citation are imperfectly covered. SSH disciplines, especially, are out of the scope. The pdf tables contain journals by decreasing AF, journals (alphabetically) and ns journals.

Liens :

- Le facteur d’impact (chez Thomson)
- Le classement des revues de Scimago (sur SCOPUS)
- Le classement des revues Journal-Ranking.com

Voir en ligne : Facteur d’audience - OST - Zitt (instead of facteur d’impact)

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