Science and technology policy : an introduction

This introductory material to "science and technology policy" can be read in both the internet as web pages or on your computer as an hypertext.

I wrote a long paper on Science and Technology policy for the EOLSS encyclopedia.

You can read it here as normal web pages, by clicking here

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    Science and technology policy
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Reference :

  • Arvanitis, R. (2001). Science and technology policy : Introduction and trends. In : Arvanitis, R. (dir.). Science and Technology Policy Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, EOLSS Publishers/UNESCO. (2001) ]
  • Arvanitis, R. (2003). Science and technology policy. In : UNESCO (dir.). Knowledge for Sustainable Development - An Insight into the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (Volume 3). Paris, France, Oxford, UK : UNESCO Publishing / Eolss Publishers. (2003), p. 811-848. ]

Instructions for a Storyspace Version (This probably doesnt work anymore !)

In order to read the text file you need a Storyspace reader (free) (A beautiful program designed by Eastgate Software). [1]

To read the file you need to do this :

1. First download the file down here by clicking on the Box image below. When your browser asks you, store the file on your computer, in the directory that you will use to store the text. The file name is STP.ZIP.

Science Technology Policy (Under Storyspace)

The ZIP file contains the Storyspace reader and the text file.

2. Unzip the file on your computer in the directory of your choice (you need a program like Winzip or PowerArchiver). The zip file STP.ZIP contains four files :

  • STP.SSP —> the text itself
  • STP.SNI —> document preferences of the text
  • SSREAD.EXE —> Storyspace reader application
  • WIDGETS.DLL —> Storyspace reader DLL file necessary under windows.

Then open the Storyspace reader (SSREAD.EXE) and open the file STP.SSP

Thats it !

[1Works only under windows, but you can dowload a reader for Macintosh at Eastgate Software.

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