EMIS : The Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space : some first thoughts

A paper with my spanish and italian colleagues in order to define the reasons why we should promote the creation of a joint European and Mediterranean partner countries scheme in order to support innovation.


Paolo Pasimeni, Anne-Sophie Boisard, Rigas Arvanitis, Juan Miguel Gonzalez-Aranda, and Rafael Rodríguez-Clemente

In this paper we argue that from a scientific, economic and geo-political point of view, it is necessary to improve the understanding of Mediterranean partner countries’ productive structures, scientific and technological activities, entrepreneurial dynamism, and legislative framework, to design an innovation systems. The development of innovative capacities becomes one of the main needs in view of a long-term target to achieve economic and social development. The aim of this paper is to describe and understand how innovation is managed in these contexts and to suggest how policies can improve the innovation process, making it more effective. The building up of the national system of innovation in each MPC should be the first step. The integration of the national systems of innovation into a “Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space” appears as a way to reinforce the process. There is a need to identify the key issues related to the improvement of local industrial sectors, their scientific and technological capabilities and the institutional set-up that will be the building blocks of the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space (EMIS).

Link to the paper on the website of the Concord Conference that was organized in Sevilla in October 2007,

References :

  • Pasimeni, Paolo , Boisard, Anne-Sophie , Arvanitis, Rigas and Rodríguez, Rafael (2006) ’Towards a Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space : Ideas for Research and Policy Making’, in Conference on Corporate R&D (Concord). ITPS, Sevilla, October 8-9, 2007.

A first version was presented in Atlanta PRIME Conference :

  • Pasimeni, Paolo , Boisard, Anne-Sophie , Arvanitis, Rigas and Rodríguez, Rafael (2006) ’Towards a Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space : Some lessons and policy queries’, in, The Atlanta Conference on Science and Technology Policy 2006 : US-EU Policies for Research and Innovation (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, May 18-24, 2006.

Paper also available on the MIRA Website where a certain number of activities will be undertaken in order to promote this EMIS. (EMIS was a concept forged after the MED7 workshop of Casablanca and was a subject of study of the ESTIME workpackages on innovation).

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